From thin to thick hair

How to make thin hair look thicker


The thick hair has more volume than the thin hair. It’s lush and all kind of hairstyle will look better with it. For these reasons, some women wish to have thick hair, even when it’s harder to work with it.

Here are some good ideas for make your thin hair look thicker.

Loosen your braid


A good way to make your hair look thicker is using a braid and you have to make it loose.

Change the side of your part 


It’s normal that when you have your part on a side for a long time, the hair start to look very flat. So, the idea is change the part to the other side and you’ll see how the hair will look with more volume.

Add texture


Spray dry shampoo at the roots of your hair, wait for a minute or two and then rub in with fingertips.

Other idea is make some waves on your hair. It’s something different and you’ll look amazing.

What about extensions?


Add more hair to a thin hair with extensions. It’ll look amazing and with a lot of volume. Why not?

Cut off your hair


A good option for a long and thin hair is cut it, because with a shorter hair, you’ll get more volume – you don’t have to cut it very short.


2 thoughts on “From thin to thick hair

  1. Great tips! My hair is thin in texture, but I have a lot of it so I actually don’t need volume, but the post is definitely helpful for someone who wants volume 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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