Full day at the natural pool / Full day en la piscina

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How to be more productive!

When you’re on different projects, working and studying, time is really important. The organization is the key to accomplish all the job and in a successful way.

For this post, I’m going to give you some tips to organize better your time and be more productive.

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Fashion – Caracas at night (lookbook)


Even with its problems, Caracas is a beautiful city and this outfit complements it perfectly.

This off-the-shoulder is a body suit and the color is completely beautiful. Aldo, it matches very well with this navy blue skirt, perfect to wear at work.

The place where we took the pictures is called Valle Arriba, and it has this area where you can see the beautiful view of the city.

Makeup and hair were done by me.

High heels from Aldo.

Anyway, I hope you like it ❤️

Lookbook invierno 2016


Caracas de Noche

Más allá de sus problemas, Caracas es una ciudad hermosa sin duda alguna, y este outfit la complementa a la perfección.

Este off-the-shoulder es un body y el color es hermoso. Además, combina muy bien con la falda azul marino, la cual puedes usar para trabajar.

Este lugar donde tomamos las fotos se llama Valle Arriba, y tiene esta hermosa área donde puedes ver una vista perfecta de toda la ciudad.

El maquillaje y cabello realizados por mi.

Los tacones son de aldo.

De todas maneras, espero les encante ❤️

Lookbook invierno 2016 ❤️







Design: @danny_14

Photos: @NeverSayHill

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