Patricia – I love Black!

The best of black color!


Hello hello …

I couldn’t write the last Friday. I’ve been very busy, so I didn’t have enough time to take good pictures and write 😦 😦


I love to wear black and it’s not for a negative reason. For me, the black color is elegant and it looks amazing with all kind of colors – except with dark blue and brown.

These are some of my beauty ideas and things in black…


For my eyes, the mascara and the eyeliner are the most important things.


For this eye makeup, I used a black eyeshadow by Clinique, a black eyeliner by M.A.C. and my amazing mascara, Scandaleyes by Rimmel London.

Black Accessories

Earrings and wallet… Casual but elegant at the same time.




The black has been a trend for the nails in all these last months. So, the last week I chose this amazing color by Rimmel London 60 Seconds.



The black high heels are as important as the black dress. All women need to have one of these in their closet.


Patricia Lugo


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