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Makeup – Mac Cosmetics Haul + Reviews

Buying new makeup feels so good… Seriously! 👑


Hello 🙂

I hope you had an amazing father’s day.

Before show you my new makeup of the week, I wanted to share with you my new Mac Cosmetics makeup haul.

I bought three new products and here are the reviews.

Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation


This is not the first time that I use this powder and I have to say that I love it. The color is exactly mine – NC40 – and it’s long wearing, the coverage is natural and good for my oily skin.

I don’t have anything wrong to say about this product yet.

Select Cover – Up


What I love about this product is that is perfect for the under eye area and its coverage is pretty good. I would have preferred a lighter color, so it looks yellow on my skin, and that’s the reason why I prefer to use it before the foundation. Other reason why I love this product is that you can apply just a little bit of the concealer for a full coverage. If you apply more, your skin will look oily, in special if you have oily skin as mine.

Patentpolish Lip Pencil


I like the formula, but I don’t love it. The color is beautiful, it’s bold and creamy. But, it comes off easy.

The last time that I used it, I applied a matte lipstick over it and it was perfect.


*My favourite: The Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation 👸🏻

Makeup – [Review] ‘Wet n Wild’ Coloricon blushes

DSC06518 (1)

Hello 🙂

Today I wanted to review two Coloricon blushers by Wet n Wild.

One is #832E Heather Silk and, the other one, is #831E Pearlescent Pink.

Both are very pigmented and very colourful. Heather Silk is the one I use everyday and I love how it looks on my skin.

Also, each blush brings with it a brush, which is flat and it has a diagonal form (similar to a bronzer brush), and it’s very useful.

I don’t remember the price, but I know that these blushes are very cheap and they have a very good quality.


DSC06515 (2)


Spanish Version

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Makeup – [Review] Wet n Wild Silk Finish lipstick in Fuchsia with Blue Pearl


Hello everyone,

Today I wanted to review this Wet n Wild lipstick.

I already did a review of this Silk Finish lipstick, but in Dark Wine. This time, I want to talk about the color and what I expected from it.


This lipstick is #C527B.


As you can see, the color is absolutely beautiful. It’s fuchsia with a little of blue pearl, so it looks super shine and very pigmented.


As the same Dark Wine, the color doesn’t last all day… So, it removes easily. However, the color is exactly what I expected: shiny and a real fuchsia with blue.


Also, it feels creamy and soft. But, the best: it’s extremely cheap.

Photo on 2015-11-11 at 2.58 PM #3

My final thoughts are exactly the same with the other color: 50%-50%… It’s beautiful, but doesn’t last for hours.

IMG_8420 (1)

Makeup – [Review] Rimmel London Stay Matte Foundation


Happy Sunday,

Today I wanted to do the review of the Rimmel London Stay Matte liquid mousse foundation.

The color that I picked was #100 Ivory and I think is a little lighter for my skin.


It’s not so easy go to the drugstore and choose the right color. It’s not so bad, but i would like a darker shade.


This liquid foundation is shine control, so it’s perfect for oily skins like mine. Actually, my face feels really good with this product. Sometimes, I feel my skin a little greasy around my nose, but it doesn’t bother me.

Also, this foundation is perfect for a natural-looking. It’s super matte and it has a silky smooth formula.

If I compare this Stay Matte foundation with my old foundation (Superbalanced makeup by Clinique), I prefer the first one. The Clinique one is terrible for my oily skin.

I really recommend this foundation. I really love how my skin looks matte and controls my oily skin. It’s creamy and, also, my blush and bronzer stay firm all day.

Makeup – [Review] Silk Finish Lipstick by Wet n Wild


Hello 🙂

I have to admit that I really like all the Wet n Wild products that I’ve tried. I love their prices and more their lipsticks. So, today I wanted to review my new Silk Finish Lipstick.

The color is #C536A Dark Wine and my first impression was that it’s very creamy and soft, facts that I love because It looks shine and I don’t feel my lips dry.



About the color… It’s completely beautiful, but not exactly what I expected. The color doesn’t look like dark wine, it’s more like dark red. I wanted a darker color and it looks more like cherry color in the pictures.


Also, other thing that I don’t like is that it doesn’t last. After eating or drinking something, almost all color disappears.


And, like every wet n wild product, this lipstick is super cheap.


My final thoughts about this product are 50% positive and 50% negative. I would buy other color, it’s cheap and looks great on my lips. However, I don’t like the fact that it doesn’t last all day.

Makeup – [Review] Wonder’lash Lift Me Up Mascara by Rimmel London


Hello 🙂

Today I’m going to review the Rimmel London Wonder’lash Lift Me Up Mascara, which it has a formula with Vitamins and Cucumber extracts.

I love my eyelashes, they are very long and I think is one of my best characteristics, so I always try to make them be the center of attention.

Before this mascara, I was using Rimmel London Scandaleyes Rockin’ Curves and It’s my favourite one so far, but I chose this one because I read good reviews about it.

My favourite thing about this product is that smells amazing and makes my lashes look longer. Also, its formula is perfect for a natural look and after apply it, you can feel how soft your lashes feels.


I really like this mascara, but I don’t love it, why? Because, even when its brush is very soft and perfect for obtain longer lashes, I also want them thicker and I don’t get that result with this Wonder’lash Lift Me Up Mascara.


Before & after:



The price of this marcara is great and it’s perfect if you want a natural look.