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REVIEW – Max Makeup Cherimoya “Defined Eyebrow Kit”


Happy Sunday everyone…
I have TIME that I don’t do a review, so I thought it could be a really good idea do it today 🙂 And it’s the turn to review the Defined eyebrow kit by Max Makeup Cherimoya.

I’ve been using this kit for a while already. I bought it at Winners for a really good price, but one of the reasons why I wasn’t sure at the beginning about buying this product was because I didn’t know the brand, but at the end I thought it was really cute to say “no”!


  • The box has a guide with 4 easy steps to makeup your brows.
  • The shadows are very pigmented.
  • It brings a mirror inside.
  • The pencil is very pigmented.
  • It’s perfect for someone who is learning about how to do a makeup for brows.


  • Even when the pencil is very pigmented, it works better as an eyeliner and not as a brow pencil, because it’s black… Too dark for me.
  • The tools are not so good, so I never use them.
  • The box is a little big, so it’s a product that I can’t have inside my makeup bag.

Like I mentioned before, this eyebrow kit is pretty good for people who is learning to do makeup for brows and I always use it (as you might see in the pictures).

Now that my hair is darker than before, I use the darker tone and I apply it with a thin eyebrow brush.






Makeup – [Review] ‘Wet n Wild’ Coloricon blushes

DSC06518 (1)

Hello 🙂

Today I wanted to review two Coloricon blushers by Wet n Wild.

One is #832E Heather Silk and, the other one, is #831E Pearlescent Pink.

Both are very pigmented and very colourful. Heather Silk is the one I use everyday and I love how it looks on my skin.

Also, each blush brings with it a brush, which is flat and it has a diagonal form (similar to a bronzer brush), and it’s very useful.

I don’t remember the price, but I know that these blushes are very cheap and they have a very good quality.


DSC06515 (2)


Spanish Version

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