Facial treatments according to your age – from 20 to 50 years old

Take care of your face since age 20 and prevents the early appearance of wrinkles.



The care of your skin is important in any age, but that doesn’t mean that you can apply any treatment because it can’t be the appropriate.

Today there’s a lot of alternative that exist and which are perfect for our skin. Know each one of these facials treatments that you can try according to your age.

The 20s
If you are in your 20s, is time to start to take care of your skin. At this age the most important is the hygiene of the skin. It can appear stains, the first wrinkles and the sequelae of juvenile acne.

It is recommended the facial cleansing and use creams and moisturizing masks. You can try with the peeling to remove the stains and the  microdermabrasion, which exfoliates the outer layer of the skin.

The 30s
In your 30s, the skin start to lose elasticity by lack of nutrients and antioxidants, reason why is important take care of what you eat.

You can start or continue with the microdermabrasion, facial cleansing and moisturizing masks. Also, you can get laser treatments to remove stains; the radio frequency, which stimulate the creation of new collagen; and the skin rehydration, for stimulate the production of collagen and prevent the skin aging.

The 40s
Forget the wrinkles! Even when there is loss of facial volume, you can try some treatments like the facial anti aging (PRGF), which is inject your own blood plasma, that is subjected to a process that separates the different components and extracts the plasma rich in growth factors, and then is injected into the face and neck to regenerate tissues.

Other kind of treatments are the Facial Mesoplasty, which restructure and balance the volumes of the face and obtaining a smooth skin and botulinum toxin, which eliminates the facial expression wrinkles.

The 50s
At your 50s, there’s a lot of hormonal changes that cause the accelerated the aging. The creams can keep your skin hydrated, but try to use creams according to your age.

Also you can try the Facial Mesoplasty in your 50s. It’s a good option because reduces the sagging and regenerates and hydrates the skin, and the radio frequency, that treats the sagging facial. The facial fillers is another technique that removes wrinkles.

Moon phases and the haircut

Have you ever heard about cut your hair according to the moon phases?


Some people think that the moon have influence over the earth movements, and their phases have some influence in a haircut.

Know about each phase and think about which is the perfect moment to cut your hair  if you want it to grow strong and beautiful.

New Moon
Also called “Moon harmful”, you can’t see the moon in the sky, because is the moment when it’s between the sun and earth.

This is a bad season to cut your hair because the hair fibers are weak,and causes loss. For this reason is better don’t cut it when the moon is at this stage.

However, you can do some nourishing and regenerative treatments, because them will absorb better and will be perfect for this season where the hair is damaged more.

First Quater
This phase is the perfect to cut your hair and make it grow very fast and strong. Cut it one day before or the same first day of this season.

The perfect hours for cut your hair are the 12 o’clock of midday and the 6 o’clock of the afternoon, because there are just those times when there is a large progressive increase of the lunar attraction.

Full Moon
Cut your hair in a stylish way when the moon is full. Is the perfect moment to do make a big change of look and repair the damaged hair, because grow fast, healthy, shining and strong.

You can do this at 6 o’clock in the morning and 12 o’clock of midday, the day before or the first day of the season.

Third quater
If your hair is too abundant, have too much volume and is annoying for you, this stage is the perfect for you because won’t grow so fast and the form will last much longer.

The idea is cut the hair between the 6 o’clock in the morning to 12 o’clock of midday, because it holds the descent of the lunar attraction.  Also, do it the day before or the first day of this moon phase.

Foods that whiten teeth

Say goodbye to coffee and red wine that leave your teeth yellow


Some food produce stains on your teeth and make them look yellow, but there’s others who are in your favor, because can make them look white and radiant.

Remember that with these foods you must maintain a good cleaning and give them the proper care to your teeth.

Raw vegetables
The celery, the carrot and the radish are some of the vegetables that can make your teeth look whiter and brilliants, because they remove traces of other foods that cause stains.

Also, them clean teeth, provide vitamin C, protect the gums and fight against the gingivitis.

Use the apple to your favor. This is a cleaner fruit of dental plaque and polishes teeth and gum. Maintains white teeth and increases the production of saliva, making that there’s no bad breath and protect oral health.

Citrus fruits
Some citrus fruits like the orange and lemon are rich in vitamin C, which produce whiteness and dental cleaning.

A option is mix lemon juice with sodium bicarbonate and clean your teeth with this preparation.

The strawberries are not only delicious, they are too a good whiten teeth because it contains malic acid, a natural enzyme that has great properties that fulfill the function of keeping your teeth white and healthy color.

If you are a grapes lover, you can use them for your own benefit. This fruit can whiten your teeth thanks to the malic acid that contain, like the strawberries, and reduce the stains and the discolorations.

Some lacteal products like the cheese, have a high content of calcium and phosphorus to neutralize the acid and replenish the tooth enamel.

Also, the milk and the yogurt clean your gum and care of it because them containing lactic acid.

Tips for choosing and applying the gloss

As women, we love the shining lipsticks and in all the colors, but… Do you think you use your gloss the right way?


Since the 70s, the gloss has been famous thanks to its texture and shinning, what it does that our lips looks amazing.

Choose the color can be easy, but sometimes we can make some mistakes. You have to know first your skin color, the color of shadow on your eyes, the season and the trend of the moment.

The color
You can find gloss in a lot of colors, variations and tones. The transparents gloss, provide a natural and intense brightness to our lips, makes them look fuller. But the ones that has color, give life and make us look more glamorous.

Brightness types
There are two brightness types: Ultra-bright, which it gives to our lips an extra brightness and it makes that have a moisture effect; and the metallics, which have some copper and gold and give to the lips an frosty effect.

Types of tones
Every gloss has a particular tone: pastels tones, which make our lips look more natural and sweets; alive tones , like the orange or pink, give us a happy and young aspect; dark tones, like the chocolate or red, make you look sexy and sophisticated; and the mixed tones, like a pink with an orange.

Skin color
Your skin color is important, because you have to know the tone of the gloss that is perfect for you. If you are brunette, the orange, coral or apricot are the ideal, but if you are blond, chose sweets tones, like the peach, soft pink or beige.

Type of lips
If your lips are thin, paint the edge with a pencil of your natural lip tone to make them look bigger. Give them volume with a pearly gloss and put a tone clearer in the middle.

But if you have thick lips, any discreet gloss will make them stand out. The alive tones and the dark ones will give them sensuality. 

More tips
You need to have smooth lips because the gloss has to slide well. You can exfoliate with an exfoliating balm or buy specific products.

Besides, considers the makeup on your eyes. If you decided use a gloss, avoid the brilliant shadows during the day, but at night can be good.

Citrus face masks

The orange, the lemon and the grapefruit will be the ideal fruits for a perfect skin. 


Even when you think that take care of the skin of your face is not that important, it really is.

Your face always have to be very clean and moisturized and for this you don’t need to spend a lot of money, because you can create some face masks at home very easy and cheap.

The citrus fruits have a lot of vitamin C, what it means that have a big antirust capacity and delays the aging effects and remove the oil of the skin.

Forget the oily skin
Nobody wants an oily skin, but thanks to the lemon and the orange, you can forget about this.

You have two options:

1. Mix natural yogurt with three tablespoons of lemon pulp. Put the preparation over your face doing smooth and circular movements. Let stand for 20 minutes and removed it with abundant water.
2. Take one  tablespoon of natural yogurt and mix it with one tablespoon of lemon juice, one  tablespoon of orange juice and a quarter tablespoon of carrot juice. The mix have to be compact and then put it over your face.

For a clean skin
If your face is clean, you can avoid the acne and impurities.

Mix one tablespoon of baking powder with a tablespoon of one citrus fruit juice (lemon, orange or grapefruit).

Clean very well your face and then, put the mix over it and let stand for 15 or 20 minutes. After, removed it with cold water.

Nourishes your skin
For a perfect skin, you will only need an orange, a lemon or a grapefruit.

Mix two tablespoon of honey with the citrus fruit juice of your preference. Put it over your face and let stand for 15 minutes. Removed it with fresh water.

Revitalized skin
To give your face more firmness and consistency, make a mix with the juice of half orange, one tablespoon of lemon and a whipped egg whites.

Put it over your skin, let stand for 10 minutes, removed it with water and dry your face with a cotton towel.

Natural and Pretty

Show your natural beauty


Almost all women love use a lot of make up, but with a natural make up you can show better your real beauty.

For a natural look you have to forget about the eyeliner and the face foundations. The idea is make that the most of the people envy your perfect skin.

Clean skin
The hydration is the most important for have the skin clean, fresh, perfect and ready for the make up. You can use an scrub cream or an oil-free moisturizer.

Remember: if you want a clean skin, you have to clean your face in the morning and at night.

Bye bye foundations
For a natural look, you must forget use foundations. The idea is use a concealer cream. With this, your skin will obtain the moisture that needs and, at the same time, will cover all the imperfections. 

If you have oil skin, you can apply a little bit of face powder. After, put on it bronzer over the cheeks, nose, forehead, chin and neck. With this, you’ll give a warm touch to your face.

Perfect eyes
You can apply eye shadow, but the only color that you have to use is the nude (remember: the rule is look natural). But the key for the perfect eyes are the eyelash. Apply rimmel up and down, but just a little bit.

About the eyebrows, forget about painting them with a pencil or eyeshadow eyebrow, use a transparent gel to give them the right way.

Amazing lips
Your natural lips color will be your guide. Put on it a transparent gloss, this will give them volume and will look perfect.

Extra Tip
If you think that you look pale, use a blush, but try to find one that looks very natural and has to be in cream. Apply it over the cheekbones of the face.

Other option is pinch your cheeks and you’ll see how come out a natural blush.

Short or long hair for your type of face?

New year, new look… Why not?

2012100365caras (1)

Cut your hair is not always a easy decision, but sometimes make a change is really good. Before decide what kind of cut is the best for you, you have to consider first your type of face.

Round Face
If you have round face, you have to forget about use short hair, so let it grow up and don’t cut it.


The long hair will lengthen your face and you can play with some layers and fringes long and asymmetric.

Oval Face
The girls with oval face are very lucky, because they can use long or short hair.

"Machete" - Photocall: 67th Venice Film Festival

Your face always looks very  proportional and any kind of cut will be perfect.

Square Face
If this is your case, the long hair is the one.


The long hair will soft face and frame your hair. But you can use it too at the shoulders  height or longer.

Heart Face
The perfect cut for you is the short hair.


It will help you to look amazing, but you can use it too long.

Diamond Face
The short and long hair will be really good for you.


However, the long hair will looks so much better.