Beauty – Let’s talk about eyelashes!

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If you ever ask me which is my favourite characteristic of my face, I would say my eyelashes… And the truth is that every makeup is never completely done without mascara (and brows, of course!)

Today I wanted to talk about eyelashes, what I use, tips and favourite products. Keep reading and I hope you enjoy this post.


Hablemos de pestañas

Si alguna vez me preguntan cuál es mi característica favorita en mi rostro, diría mis pestañas una y mil veces… Y la verdad es que un maquillaje nunca está completamente terminado sin mascara (y cejas, ¡por supuesto!)

Hoy les quiero hablar sobre pestañas, lo que uso, tips y productos favoritos. Continúa leyendo y espero disfruten este port.

Favourite Mascaras / Mascaras favoritas

– Rimmel LondonWonder’Lash (003 extream black) – Rimmel London Scandal Eyes – Rockin’ Curves in 001 Black – Rimmel London Lift Me Up mascara with vitamins and cucumber

My lashes are naturally long, so that’s the reason why I only wear mascara the most of the time.

My favourite brand on mascara so far is Rimmel London. Their prices are really good, the quality is amazing and they make my lashes look very long and thicker. Also, I like Maybelline, but if you want a high end product, I would recommend the Too Faced “Better than sex” mascara, and that’s thanks to NikkieTutorials


Mis pestañas son largas naturalmente, razón por la que solo uso mascara la mayoría la mayor parte del tiempo.

Mi marca favorita hasta ahora es Rimmel London. Sus precios son súper buenos, su calidad es increíble y hacen que mis pestañas se vean largas y mucho más gruesas. También, me gusta Maybelline, pero si quiere un producto de alta gama, les recomendaría “Better than sex” de Too Faced, y eso gracias a NikkieTutorials

Eyelash Curler / Rizador de pestañas

If there is something that is going to make lift your lashes up, that’s the eyelash curler. Just apply it before the mascara to make your lashes look longer.


Si hay algo que puede ayudarte a levantar tus pestañas, ese es el rizador. Solo aplícalo antes de aplicar mascara para hacer que tus pestañas se vean más largas.

Falsies / Pestañas postizas


False eyelashes are perfect for me for my makeup look, but not for my daily makeup. Also, I could wear them for a special occasion and they really can make a big difference.

There are some falsies that I like and you can wear them everyday if your natural eyelashes are very short. My favourites are Ardell eyelashes and apply them with the duo eyelash adhesive, it’s one of the best products.


Las pestañas postizas son perfectas para mis looks de maquillaje, pero no para mi maquillaje diario. Además, las podría usar para alguna ocasión especial y realmente hacen una gran diferencia.

Hay algunas postizas que me gustan que se pueden usar a diario, solo en el caso de que tus pestañas naturales sean muy cortas. Mis favoritas en este caso son las Ardell y la puedes aplicar con el adhesivo para pestañas de Duo, es uno de los mejores productos del mercado.

Home Remedies / Remedios Caseros

This home remedie is pretty good not only for eyelashes, but for eyebrows too.


Este remedio casero no es solamente bueno para las pestañas, sino para las cejas también.

Ingredients / Ingredientes:

– Castor Oil / Aceite de Ricino
-Coconut Oil / Aceite de Coco 
-Small Traveling Container / Recipiente pequeño de viaje

Fill the small container with half of castor oil and half of coconut oil, close it and shake it. Apply the mix over the lashes with cotton swabs and massage the area. Sleep over the night with it and remove it with water in the morning. After a few days repeating the process everyday, say hello to long lashes.


Llena el recipiente con mitad de aceite de ricino y mitad de aceite del coco, ciérralo y bátelo. Aplica la mezcla sobre las pestañas con hisopos y da masajes en el área. Déjalo actuar durante toda la noche y retíralo con agua en la mañana siguiente. Después de unos días repitiendo el proceso todos los días, dile hola a tus nuevas pestañas largas.


Foods that whiten teeth

Say goodbye to coffee and red wine that leave your teeth yellow


Some food produce stains on your teeth and make them look yellow, but there’s others who are in your favor, because can make them look white and radiant.

Remember that with these foods you must maintain a good cleaning and give them the proper care to your teeth.

Raw vegetables
The celery, the carrot and the radish are some of the vegetables that can make your teeth look whiter and brilliants, because they remove traces of other foods that cause stains.

Also, them clean teeth, provide vitamin C, protect the gums and fight against the gingivitis.

Use the apple to your favor. This is a cleaner fruit of dental plaque and polishes teeth and gum. Maintains white teeth and increases the production of saliva, making that there’s no bad breath and protect oral health.

Citrus fruits
Some citrus fruits like the orange and lemon are rich in vitamin C, which produce whiteness and dental cleaning.

A option is mix lemon juice with sodium bicarbonate and clean your teeth with this preparation.

The strawberries are not only delicious, they are too a good whiten teeth because it contains malic acid, a natural enzyme that has great properties that fulfill the function of keeping your teeth white and healthy color.

If you are a grapes lover, you can use them for your own benefit. This fruit can whiten your teeth thanks to the malic acid that contain, like the strawberries, and reduce the stains and the discolorations.

Some lacteal products like the cheese, have a high content of calcium and phosphorus to neutralize the acid and replenish the tooth enamel.

Also, the milk and the yogurt clean your gum and care of it because them containing lactic acid.