Bye bye 2017, Hello 2018! ❤️

First post of 2018!!!!

2017 was really important for me because it was a year where I grew up in a professional way. I discovered what I really like and what I want to do. I’ve been a Community Manager for the last year, and Marketing Coordinator for 9 months, and I really love everything about digital marketing. I want to learn more and grew up in that area.

Also, last year was special because I met my boyfriend, and it’s incredible how happy you can be with someone. He has been with me for the good and bad moments, and that’s really important for me.

This 2018 will be also special. This is going to be a year for traveling, change some habits, eat healthy, work out, work for my dreams and for I want to be. The most important: my graduation.

I really want for this year to connect more with you. I want to write more often and start my youtube channel. I want to do something different.

Let’s start a new journey together, let’s learn and let’s have fun!

Happy 2018! Work for your dreams!

Instagram: @pattylugo / @beautybypl_
Facebook: @patricialugov

Family! ❤️


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