This Rock N’ Roll eyeshadow palette is from 2014, but anyway I decided to buy it.

This Too Faced palette is super cute. It has eight eyeshadows: one matte and seven shimmered. The package is gorgeous, it’s small and perfect to travel with.

This is how it looks inside. I love the colors.

The palette brings a mirror and it has three styles: Day, Classic and Fashion. Each one has three different colors eyeshadows with different names, six of them are a genre of music.

  • Day: rockabilly, rap, and ska.
  • Classic: New wave, pop, and heavy metal.
  • Fashion: New romantic, glam rock and punk.

All of them are perfect to wear at night. If you want a day makeup look, I would go for rockabilly, new wave and new romantic, maybe ska.

The eyeshadows are very pigmented and are easy to blend. Here you can see the swatches:

First line:

Second Line:

Third line:

I already created a makeup look with it, you’re going to see the complete look on my Instagram, but I’m gonna be sharing all the details soon on a next post.

Thank you so much for reading.



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