New look with the Elf “All About Eyes” palette set (Review)

Hi everyone,

I prepared this post a few weeks ago, and today I can finally share it with you. Sometimes, my life gets really busy, but you know I always find a time for my blog.

For this post, I wanted to do a review of the Elf “All About Eyes” palette set, and show you a makeup look with this. This set brings the palette, an eyelid primer and two brushes.

The Eyelid primer

My opinion about this primer is 50/50. In one hand, the color is fine, it blends very well and the eyeshadows look great with it. But, in the other hand, I hate the consistency, it feels greasy and weird.

The eyeshadow palette

This is basically a nude palette. It has different brown tones, beiges and a few bold colors. In general, I like this palette, I think it’s great for beginners, if you want to learn how to do your makeup, and also because it is very cheap and it brings lots of eyeshadows.

The eyeshadows look great with the eyelid primer, without it, they are not so good. Also, I have to say that they don’t blend very well, it was really hard to do it for this look.

I only did the swatches of the colors I used for this makeup look. I apply first primer and you can see how beautiful they look. But, also, the pigmentation can be better.

The brushes

I just love them!


The final look

Lips: Colour pop ultra matte lip in LAX
Eyes: Elf All About Eyes palette 
Lashes: Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama
Brows: Revlon brown fantasy in dark brown
Primer: elf Illuminating Face Primer
Foundation: MAC Studio Waterweight SPF 30 Foundation
Powder: MAC Studio Fix powder plus foundation
Bronzer / Contour: H&M Bronzing Powder  
highlighter: Urban Decay Shimmering powder in Luminous
blush: Urban Decay Afterglow powder blush in Video


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