Makeup – L’ORÉAL La Palette Nude Intense


Today I wanted to do a review of this amazing eyeshadow palette.

L’Oréal is one of the best brands from the drugstore. This nude eyeshadow palette is very pretty. The colors are fantastic, the most of them have different pink and brown tones. Here it is the complete description and price.

One of the things I most like is the behind part of the palette, because it has 4 different ideas to recreate, very similar but better than the Maybelline’s The Nudes eyeshadow palette.

The colors are very pigmented, actually I tried them on my arm and they don’t look so pigmented, but after applying the eyelid primer or concealer, the colors look stunning. I created my last makeup look with this palette and I loved it… Click here to see it.

You can really create many looks with this palette, but I do not feel like I can use it for my everyday. This eyeshadows are equal to drama, the colors are very strong and perfect for night, even when the palette is supposed to be nude, but you know… This is the “intense palette”.

Its size is fine and it brings an eye brush. I tried the hairy part of it, I did the cut crease with it and it is fine, but it is not the best, actually I haven’t used it again.

In conclusion, I would afford it again, or just try the other nude palette. I don’t remember the price, because I bought it in Venezuela’s currency, but you can see it on the link above.

I hope you like this post.

Comment if you have tried this palette and what you think about it, and please subscribe to my blog for more posts.

Patricia Lugo


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