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Since I’ve never attended to a beauty conference, I wanted to share with you my list of conferences I would like to go.

When I was living in Toronto, I didn’t have the opportunity to attend to one of these conferences and, in Venezuela, we don’t have those kinds of beauty shows.

I think beauty conferences are amazing, because it is an opportunity to learn new things and, also, to meet your favourite youtubers and makeup artists.

Here it is my list of beauty conferences I hope to attend in the future.



Generation Beauty is an event presented by Ipsy, and it is the right place to get inspired by beauty gurus and your favourite brands.

This year, this show is going to be in San Francisco, CA and it starts today November 4, and also you can go tomorrow Saturday 5.

Desi Perkins, LustreLux, Christen Dominique and Gabriel Zamora are some of the youtubers who are are going to attend to this event.



StyleCon is the perfect event that brings together to fashion and beauty lovers. You can meet there some expert and influencers in hair, makeup and nails, and also meet some your favourite bloggers and youtubers.


Simply Stylist Fashion and Beauty conference


This Simply Stylist conference is the right space where career-minded fashionistas, beauty lovers and geek-chic techies can learn from fashion and beauty experts.

Everything is about the expert panel, which features a discussion with fashion and beauty tastemakers, stylists, designers, bloggers, editors, tech mavens and more.

Their next event is tomorrow November 5 in New York City.



This is the International Make-up Artist Trade Show.

At IMATS, makeup artists from fashion and film are in charge to teach and do demonstrations and, also, many new products debut there. So, this is the right place where you can learn how to transform beauty with makeup.


This are for now the beauty conferences I would like to attend someday, but I hope to increase my list.

If you know another conference or you have attended to one, please leave your comment below. Check out Eventbrite’s conference management software to help plan your next conference!


Sources:  Eventbrite /Generation Beauty /IMATS / Simply Stylist



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