Makeup – New Maybelline Haul + First Impressions


Hello hello,

Today I wanted to show you what I bought in Aruba and my first impressions.

For makeup, I picked the essentials, what I really needed, and what is very expensive or what it is not found here in Venezuela. Drug store makeup is very cheap in this island.

As I absolutely love all the Maybelline Fit! Me line, I picked the powder and foundation, plus a concealer and a face contouring kit.

Maybelline Fit! Me MATTE + PORELESS


I really wanted to tried this foundation. First, because of the amazing reviews about it; second, because of my oily skin.

My first impression was really good. I loved it immediately, because it looks like my own skin and, after spending all day with it, my skin doesn’t look oily. I went to school and then to party, and it was still perfect.

The color I picked was the #235 Pure Beige, which is exactly my skin color, but as I went to the beach, now I’m darker, but with the powder and bronzer, it looks perfect.

Maybelline Master Conceal


I was looking for a concealer, and I wanted the Fit! Me concealer, but the colors were very dark for me. So, I picked this Master Conceal in the color #20 light.

I like it, I think it covers enough my dark circles, maybe it is a little bit lighter for me, because of my natural tan, but anyway it covers the area how I like. Also, I like how it works as highligher over my face.

Maybelline Master Contour    


This is just so gorgeous… I really love this face contouring kit.

The bronzer is very pigmented and I really like how it looks on my skin, and it match perfectly with my natural tan on the rest of my body.

The highligher is just beautiful, I have only been using it over the tip of my nose.

The blush is not so pigmented, but actually I still like it, because it gives this little natural and shinny color on my cheeks, which is perfect for my everyday.

Maybelline Fit! Me powder


I love this powder… This is the only thing I’m going to say, because I have used it a few times and I still pick it.


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