Fashion – Beach haul for ARUBA


So… I’m going to ARUBA tomorrow 🏖

Before going to my trip, I wanted to show you my new bikinis and sandals.

This is my first time going to a family trip since I came back from Toronto. Aruba is a paradise, this is going to be my first time there and my first time visiting a caribbean island outside my country.

All the products I bought are from Venezuelan brands, except the beach Flip Flops (I think). Everything is very colorful. I usually wear only neutral colors, but like I’m going to the beach, I prefer colorful prints to stand out my skin color.

Bikinis are from Kaptiva. I think they are really cute, and I wanted a triangle shape this time, because this type of shape looks better on my body.

Black sandals are from Balú, and the beach Flip Flops are from Refresh.

I’m really looking forward to wear all of these things.







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