Fashion – Best trends for Fall 2016 (Part II)


Hello everyone,

Today I’m going to share with you the second part of the best beauty trends for this fall 2016 💜

On this second part, there are some 80s’ influence and some inspiration from Disney’s vilenesses. Also, corsets and big outerwear.

Click here to see the first part: Best Beauty Trends for Fall 2016 (part I)

Enjoy it!



Blumarine Fall 2016

Statement Outerwear


Burberry Fall 2016

Corsets & Bustiers


Victoria Beckham Fall 2016

Bold Shoulders


Saint Laurent Fall 2016

Insta-Worthy Accessories


Mulberry Fall 2016

fall-fashion-2016-instagram-worthy-accessories-trend-elleryEllery Fall 2016

Source: Fashion Magazine


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