Fashion – Best trends for fall 2016 (part I)


Summer is not gone yet, but fall is around the corner.

I spent one and half year in Toronto, so I lived two falls and I have to admit that it’s my favourite season. Summer is amazing, but I just love how people dress when it’s autumn. Believe me… I used to feel so sexy with boots, skirts and tights.

Now that I’m in Venezuela, we don’t have the 4 seasons of the year, but anyway, you can adapt those trends to any caribbean country.

For fall 2016, there are some new trends, but there are others, which stay from spring and summer. So, you can still wearing the same clothes and add a jacket and a scarf.

Transform you Summer wardrobe into Fall

As there are so many trends for this next season, I decided to divide this post in two parts. So, this is the first part, and the next week, I’m going to share with you the second part.

Enjoy it!



Carven Fall 2016

Off – The-Shoulder / Exposed Shoulder


Roberto Cavalli Fall 2016



Michael Kors Fall 2016



Ralph Lauren Fall 2016



DKNY Fall 2016

Source: Fashion Magazine


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