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Happy Friday everyone,

This week I’ve been very sick, I got a virus that I thought it was Sika (not joking, I live in Venezuela), but thanks God it is not, I’m getting better and It’s nothing to worry about.

Today I wanted to write about my experience working at home and some personal tips, because that’s what I’ve been doing since I’m on vacation, and I also did it when I was in Canada.

Now, I’m working for my own business with my big sister, my travel agency, and that requires a lot of time… I have to look for travel tickets, answer to the clients, publish pictures and information on Instagram and Facebook, send emails, write on the blog and I can spend all day doing that. Also, I have to write for my blog, because it’s my passion, and work on another project that I have in mind.

So, keep reading and I hope you like this post.

Create a Routine

The fact that you’re working at home, it doesn’t mean you don’t need a routine. So, wake up early, put in order your things and … WORK.

Every weekend, take your time to create a plan for the next week. It’s important to take notes and do your own schedule, because that’s going to help you to be more organised and to carry out your planned activities.

Be active

Start the day very positive and active. Drink coffee or tea in the morning, have breakfast, check your emails and your schedule to know what you’re going to do and don’t miss anything.

You can have some healthy snacks between every food (breakfast, lunch and dinner), drink water, take a breath and some minutes to take some rest.

Change your pijama

I really don’t like to work with my pijama, because I feel like the bed is calling me. I feel lazier and tired. So, after taking a shower, I always dress something very casual, like if I’m going to go out. That helps me to stay focused on what I’m doing.

Work out

Why not? This is going to help you to keep you active and avoid stress.

Btw, I’m lazy, that’s the truth… I don’t like gyms, I prefer to work out at home, but doing things that I like, like dancing. That’s the reason why Zumba is one of my favourite fitness activities.

So, find something that you like and establishes the time that you’re going to do it. In my case, I prefer to work out in the mornings or in the evenings. You can go for a walk, play some sport or just go to the gym if you like it.

Find your space 

For me, it’s very important to separate my bed (or my bedroom) from my place to work. It’s just like the bed is calling me, and I want to stay awake and active.

Choose an space of your house or apartment for your office, it doesn’t have to be a room. It’s going to be your place to do your work. Choose a confortable chair, a beautiful desk and decorate the office as you want.

Clean your office/desk

Take your time for clean for desk. Throw away all the papers and other things that you’re not using anymore and feel free. This is very important to me, because I feel it reduces the stress, and I feel more inspired to create new things and work happy.


Well, these are all my tips and advices. If you work at home and you have more tips, let your comment below 🙂 Have a nice day everyone.

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Patricia Lugo



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