Fashion – Essentials for Summer


What do you need for summer? Just the right pieces to be perfect from the top to the bottom. So, take your sunglasses and get ready for this sunny season.


You need: A slip dress, a romantic ruffle dress, a pijama shirt, an exposed-shoulder top, a camel coat, a tie-neck blouse and a body suit.



You need: A deep – hued mini skirt,Β A pair of raw – edged jeans and a slit midi skirt.



You need: A pair of pointed – toe skimmers, a pair of classic white kicksΒ andΒ a pair of heeled mules.



You need: Silver jewellery, a bright bag, a bold choker necklace and a pair of moderns aviators.


Pictures: Pinterest /Buzzfeed


47 thoughts on “Fashion – Essentials for Summer

  1. I absolutely love the last picture. Everything is just in the right place. I will try to copy this look using local shops and clothing chains.
    Thank you for an amazing article, I am always up for some fashion tips. Keep them coming!

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