Lifestyle – Beach day (VENEZUELA) ☀️🇻🇪 + My New Travel Agency


Happy Monday 🙂

Tucacas is one of my favourite places in Venezuela. Its cays are beautiful, perfect for swim, diving and get a natural sun tanning (finally I’m not so pale). The water is transparent and they have corals and mangroves… It’s the paradise.

This cay is called Playuela – Playuelita (two in one), and it’s the second time I go there since I came back from Toronto.

The trip from Caracas are three hours and when you get there, everything gets better. It’s the perfect place to have fun, enjoy the weather, the water, the sun… EVERYTHING.

I ate a lot of Ceviche (#ILOVEIT), fried fish and tostones (fried green plantain – very latino), and I drank sangria. I love seafood.

Even when Venezuela has all kind of problems, including insecurity 😦 You have these wonderful places that make my country one of the most beautiful.

My bikini is from Walmart and I bought it in Canada.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and have a great week.

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Keep Travelling Agency

Talking about beaches, sun and seafood, I got a new Travel Agency franchise with my sister Alejandra. So, it doesn’t matter where you are, we have the best prices in international tickets, packages, cruises, car rental, hotels and travel insurance.

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