Lifestyle – WORK, WORK, WORK


Hello hello 🙂

I’m so happy right now because I’m writing for you tonight:) The truth is that I’ve been very busy these days… It’s really crazy.

For my lifestyle post, I wanted to talk about what I’ve been doing these days, because since I came back to Venezuela five months ago, I’ve been having a lot of good and special opportunities.



University is the most important thing to me, because one of the reasons why I came back to my country was because I wanted to finish school. It’s one of my dreams. I’m studying Social Communication (let’s call it Journalism) in the area of audiovisual production, I’m in my 4th year. So, I’m learning about cinema production, television, radio, video edition and photography. I really love all these stuff, it’s crazy and completely beautiful.


RADIO – Líder 94.9 FM

My second love is radio. It’s the reason why I’m studying journalism. So, I’ve been working for a radio station since two and a half months ago in production. I actually had the opportunity to talk live and it’s really cool (I have probably mentioned this before, but i don’t care… Lol)



My first baby: My blog

Well… Yes, this is my first baby/love. This is the way I can express myself and I can connect with all of you. I love writing and I love put my makeup on. I always feel inspired for the people I follow (believe me) and I’m very thankful for all this beautiful experience and everything what I’ve learned. I’m more confident of myself than ever.


Other projects…

I have a new job (yeah, I know… I’m doing a lot of things)… It’s something related to social networks and writing edition, actually it’s a little bit difficult to explain this in English. But, anyway, I have other projects that are going to be awesome and I’m looking forward to work on them, and I’m going to talk about it later.

So, I think this is everything for now. You can follow me on any of my social networks 🙂


Patricia Lugo


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