Lifestyle – The best 6 things about my returning to Venezuela


Hello everyone 🙂

Today I wanted to talk a little bit about my country Venezuela.

4 months ago I came back to Caracas, one of the most dangerous cities in the world. However, it’s the place where I’m from, so I’m always going to be welcome.

Even when the situation is bad, there are different things that it makes me feel really good and that’s what I want to talk about: the best 6 things about my returning to Venezuela.

Family & Friends


I’m latina, so family is very important and I love spending time with them. Also, my friends are the best and I’m meeting new people all the time… It’s great.

I came back to the University


Journalism baby #BroadcastingProduction

I’m working on radio


Traditional Food 


Empanadas, pabellón, cachapas, queso blanco, arepas …

I speak a second language: English


  • Beaches

Real beaches!!!! I don’t have anything more to say. Just look this picture…



Patricia Lugo


2 Replies to “Lifestyle – The best 6 things about my returning to Venezuela”

  1. Yo también hablo dos idiomas, ahora voy por el tercero (alemán) 🙂 aparte me encanta el acento Venezolano y Colombiano, yo soy mexicana 🙂

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