Fashion – Crazy for Denim


One of my favourite things about this Spring is that you can wear whatever you want. There are different trends for each style and for everyone, and denim is one of them.

Denim never goes out of style, because it can be adapted to every season and every trend.

For this season, the double denim and the white demin are your best options.

Double Denim

Also know as the Canidian Tuxedo, this style is about wearing demin on the top and on the bottom (obviously, lol). You can use it with high heels, sandals or sport shoes, but the best way is wear it like in the 70s or 90s.




White Denim

I love White Denim and now it’s back… Yes!!!

It’s a classic trend from the 80s, but it always return, and for this Spring, what you need is a white overall, a skirt and a jacket.



Mix both trends, why not? 😀




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