Makeup – [Review] ‘Wet n Wild’ Coloricon blushes

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Hello 🙂

Today I wanted to review two Coloricon blushers by Wet n Wild.

One is #832E Heather Silk and, the other one, is #831E Pearlescent Pink.

Both are very pigmented and very colourful. Heather Silk is the one I use everyday and I love how it looks on my skin.

Also, each blush brings with it a brush, which is flat and it has a diagonal form (similar to a bronzer brush), and it’s very useful.

I don’t remember the price, but I know that these blushes are very cheap and they have a very good quality.


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Spanish Version

Coloricon blushes de ‘Wet n Wild’

Hola 🙂

Hoy quería hacer el review de dos blushes Coloricon de Wet n Wild.

Uno es #832E Heather Silk y el otro es #831E Pearlescent Pink.

Ambos son súper pigmentados y coloridos. Heather Silk es el que uso a diario y amo como luce sobre mi piel.

Además, cada colorete trae una brocha, la cual es plana y diagonal (parecida a una brocha del bronce), y es súper útil.

Así mismo, no recuerdo el precio, pero sé que son súper económicas y tienen buena calidad.


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