Patricia – New Year + Venezuela


Hello hello 🙂

Merry Christmas and Happy New year 2016.
After a month, I’m writing again on my blog and I’m very happy for it. Last December was crazy… I came back to Venezuela a few days ago, so right now I’m getting use to it again, while I enjoy the time with my family.

For this new year, I have a lot of new projects and goals, like continue my university career (journalism) and become a makeup artist. Also, I really want to continue writing on this blog, so it’s gonna be one of my priorities 🙂 Welcome 2016 and I really hope you have an amazing year.

So, now…

I have some new beauty products that I want to share with you these next weeks, but today I wanted to share my looks for New year eve and Christmas.




New year eve:





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Patricia Lugo


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