Patricia – New beauty products + Welcome December


Hello everyone!!!

I hope you’re having a really good week. These days have been all about making decisions… You’ll know about them soon 🙂

December is here!… This year has passed so fast, but I’m super happy about it, because I bought for myself a Christmas present and that’s the reason why I’m very excited about show you my new beauty products. They are only two, but I’m looking forward to do the reviews of both of them.

Defined Eyebrow kit – [Max Makeup Cherimoya]

This eyebrow kit is completely beautiful. I hadn’t heard about Max Makeup Cherimoya before, but I don’t regret for buying this palette. The eyebrow powders are very pigmented and the pencil is really good too. Also, it has a mirror inside and I think it’s pretty cool.



Beauty on the Go – [NYX]

OMG! I’m so crazy about this makeup palette. It’s my christmas gift for myself 🙂 It only cost CA$24 + tax at Rexall drug store and it’s in promotion until tomorrow.


It has 31 eyeshadows, 5 pressed pigment, 3 highlighters, 3 contour tones, 3 blushes and 7 lipsticks. I’m gonna be using it for a while. It’s completely gorgeous.


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