Makeup – [Review] Rimmel London Stay Matte Foundation


Happy Sunday,

Today I wanted to do the review of the Rimmel London Stay Matte liquid mousse foundation.

The color that I picked was #100 Ivory and I think is a little lighter for my skin.


It’s not so easy go to the drugstore and choose the right color. It’s not so bad, but i would like a darker shade.


This liquid foundation is shine control, so it’s perfect for oily skins like mine. Actually, my face feels really good with this product. Sometimes, I feel my skin a little greasy around my nose, but it doesn’t bother me.

Also, this foundation is perfect for a natural-looking. It’s super matte and it has a silky smooth formula.

If I compare this Stay Matte foundation with my old foundation (Superbalanced makeup by Clinique), I prefer the first one. The Clinique one is terrible for my oily skin.

I really recommend this foundation. I really love how my skin looks matte and controls my oily skin. It’s creamy and, also, my blush and bronzer stay firm all day.


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