Patricia – New beauty products of the week


Hello hello,

It’s time to show you my beauty products of the week…

Stay Matte – [Rimmel London]

This is a liquid mousse foundation. It’s ‘all day shine control’ and super matte, reasons why I chose this product.


I’ve been using it for a few days and I really like it so far. This one is #100 Ivory and I’ll do a review about this foundation soon.

Silk Finish lipstick (Fuchsia with Blue Pearl) – [Wet n Wild]

Every time I can, I buy a Wet n Wild lipstick. They are super cheap and I think they have a great quality.


This one is #C527B. I think I’m gonna do a review about this lipstick, because I really want to talk about the color. I already did one for the same lipstick, but in other color.

Superstar Queen for a Day – [Bed Head by Tigi]

This is a product that add volume to your hair. I used this product last Saturday for Halloween. I wanted some volume, because my hair is super thin.



I didn’t see the results I wanted, because it was raining that night. However, my waves stayed for all night, so I guess is not so bad.

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4 thoughts on “Patricia – New beauty products of the week

  1. Omg I have a product that adds volume too! It works so well for me as it is for thin hair and my hair is wavy as well. The brand is “Not Your Mother’s” and the product is more specifically: “Plump for Joy Thickening Hair Lift”. I’ve been meaning to put out that review!

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