Patricia – Halloween 2015 (makeup and hair)


Hello everyone,

I hope you had an amazing Halloween… This weekend was amazing for me.

This year was my second Halloween in Toronto and I enjoyed it more than last year. We don’t celebrate it in Venezuela, so I think it’s pretty cool wear a costume and have some fun.

For this year, I used a ringmaster costume for Halloween night and, yesterday, a witch costume for a party at the house I live.

My Ringmaster costume was more elaborated and it was made by my sister and I (the most of it).

My makeup was pretty simple, I think. Actually, I would have liked to have better golden eyeshadow for this look, but it was ok.

For my hair, I made some waves and my nails were in black.



IMG_7865 (1)

For the Witch look, I used a simple black dress and a hat, but I really loved my makeup… It was pretty dark with green and purple.

Also, I used again some of the other costume’s things, so I didn’t have to spend extra money.

My hair was straight and my nails in black too.





I really hope you liked it as much as I did.

Tomorrow, I’ll share my beauty products of the week. I’ve been a little bit busy and I wanted to do it today, but I’m super tired. Anyway, I hope you have a great week.

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