Patricia – Beauty products of the week!!!


Hello everyone 🙂

I hope your week has started very well… I’m super excited because it’s almost Halloween and I think this year is gonna be super fun.

Anyway, for this week I wanted to show you some new skin care products and new false lashes.

False Lashes (Twin Pack) – [Ardell]

I’m super excited to try these new Ardell false lashes. They are completely beautiful and the price of the package is very good, I think.


As you can see, they are #105 in black. I’ve tried them before and I know some makeup artists and beauty bloggers have used them.

With these lashes I’m ready for Halloween and for my makeup looks.

Honey (Radiant Body Lotion) – [Marc Jacobs]

This is an amazing body lotion. What I love about this product is that smells delicious and it’s very creamy.


I always use it in the mornings, because it smells like a perfume, but not as strong.

Intense Relief Overnight Cream – [Aveeno]

I think this is a really good body lotion, because it relieves itchy and it’s perfect for dry skin. It’s also fragrance free and a moisturizer.


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  1. Hi Patricia, thank you so much for following my Avon beauty blog! I would love it if you could follow my other blog as well, It’s a fairly new blog and I’m trying to get it going! Thanks again!

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