Patricia – Beauty products of the week + Back to school

First day of school!!!!


Hello hello.

I hope your week is going well. Today was my first day of school – I continue studying English – and I had to get up early after a long summer vacation (it was pretty long for me).

My outfit for today is the one you can see on the top. My makeup was very simple: good eyebrows, large lashes and bold lips; and I used my hair straight.


My new beauty products of the week are two and they are for my skin.

Natural Glow -[Jergens]

This is a Firming Daily Moisturizer that gives a natural glow. Also, it reduces the appearance of cellulite. It feels very thick, but it smells really good.


Extra Strength Skin Lotion -[Life Brand]

Life Brand is the name of the brand of Shoppers Drug Mart and this is the first time I buy one of its products. This is a simple body lotion and it has chamomile extract and multiple moisturizers. It smells good and it’s very creamy.


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