Makeup – [Review] Mega last lip color by Wet n Wild

Hello hello! 🙂


Today I’m going to review three Wet n Wild lipsticks.

  • #919B Vamp it up / Style Vamp


  • #966 Don’t Blink Pink / Rose Princesse


  • #908 Sugar Plum Fairy / Fée Prune-Elle


These mega last lip colors are beautiful and very pigmented. However, when I apply on my lips ‘Vamp it up’, it doesn’t make a full cover.


They are semi-matte and they really last for hours. Actually, if you try to remove them with a makeup remover wipes, they don’t completely disappear.


Also, ‘Don’t Blink Pink’ and ‘Sugar Plum Fairy’ are a little similar.


Mega last lip colors by Wet n Wild are cheap and I think they have a good quality – Not the best, but they are perfect if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a lipstick.

My favourite: Sugar Plum Fairy’ ♡



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