Patricia – New beauty products of the week + New things

Sunglasses, swimwear and nails


Happy Monday everyone,

I’ve decided to take a little time for my blog 🙂 I’m making some changes and trying to create a new routine, because I want to have time for my blog and write my articles for Village living magazine.


To start the week, I wanted to talk about my new beauty products and some new things.

New Pure Ice nail polishes

I bought two new nail polishes. I really like Pure Ice because it’s very cheap and its nail polishes have good quality, so I really recommend this brand.


These new two are #981 “Super Star” and #537 “Beware”. I’ve already tried the white one and it’s completely beautiful.

Deep Action, Cream Cleanser for Sensitive Skin by Clean & Clear.

I was looking for a cleanser in good price for my face, so I found this Clean & Clear cream cleanser. It’s very creamy and smells good. I’ve been using it for a week, but I think it’s better pay more money for a better product. It’s not bad, but it’s not the best.


New H&M Aviator Sunglasses

I’ve never been so obsessed with sunglasses like now. If you don’t want to pay to much money for a pair of sunglasses, these H&M aviators are perfect.


Also, Aldo have beautiful sunglasses in really good prices too.

New Swimwear

Ok, I have to admit that I bought this swimwear in Walmart for only CA$3. It’s beautiful and very, very cheap… I couldn’t say “no”.

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 1.56.21 PM


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