Patricia – New month, new products & New ideas

Let’s start new plans


Hello hello

Welcome July and Welcome again to my blog.

June was a really great month, but now that it’s Summer and I’m on vacation, I’m gonna start some new ideas that I’ve had in my mind for a while (part of them).

So, for today I wanted to talk about some new products, my nail color of the week and my new ideas.


New Nude lipstick

My amazing Godfather gave me a beautiful Nude satin lipstick by MAC Cosmetics – Fleshpot A35.

 The color is completely beautiful and it’s ideal for night, but it’s great for day too. I tried it last Sunday in the afternoon and yesterday for my makeup of the week. It’s creamy and perfect.
Let’s blog in SpanishSome of you might know that I’m Venezuelan and my first language is Spanish. I’ve been in Toronto for almost 9 months and almost 6 of them writing in English, but now I’ve decided write in Spanish too.

I love write and I started this passion in Spanish, It’s one the reasons why I decided studying journalism and I think that after months writing only English, It’s time to do it too in Spanish.

When will I start? Next Monday, June 6th you’ll see my post in both languages 🙂

Fashion News

I have experience writing Beauty news, but now I want to start writing about Fashion news and I’m really excited about it. Let’s see how it goes.

Silver Nails

This week I tried for second time use a silver color on my nails.

The nail polish that I used is from Sally Hansen #850 Pumping Iron and It’s super cool – No doubt about it.
L’Occitane hand creams
A good friend of mine gave me two hand creams by L’Occitane and they smell so good.
 One it’s Delightful Rose and the other it’s Vanilla Boutique.They let your hands soft and smelling amazingly good.

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