Skin – Protect your skin this summer

Why is it so important?


Skin care has been an important issue in the last years and the truth is that taking care of it, we don’t only avoid an early aging, also skin cancer.

The sun gives us vitamin D, which helps our body to absorb calcium and It’s not good to avoid it. Also, It’s normal that after the cold season, we want to expose our body to the Summer sun.

What is the best for our skin?

Look for the balance

The idea is find a middle point between enjoy the sun and avoid the skin damage.

It’s recommended expose your face and arms for 30 minutes per day, but avoid sunburns.

Use sunscreen

My dermatologist recommend me to use sunscreen even in winter. So, doesn’t matter if the day is cloudy, use it.


Apply sunscreen 30 minutes before leave home. If you go to the beach or pool, apply sunscreen after get out of water.

Prevent a sunburn

Avoid sun exposure during midday, because between 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, the sun’s rays are more intense.

Use accessories: Sunglasses and Hats

I’m not a hat lover, but I think it’s necessary. You can wear a chic hat to protect your face and shoulders.

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Also, use sunglasses to protect your eyes and, in special, to avoid dark circles.

Coconut oil?

Yes… Coconut oil is good for our body, in special after hours of sun exposure. Just apply the oil over your skin after taking a shower.

Hydrate your skin

Drink water. This is very important and more if you go to the beach.




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