Hair – 5 Summer Hair trends

Celebrity inspiration


Summer means sun and fun, but it’s a season for changes too. Why don’t you change your hair? If you don’t know what to do, I have for you some ideas from our favourite celebrities to inspire us.

Swoopy Side-part and Waves


If you want to look like Amber Heard, forget your center part. Flip your hair, let it a little messy and make some waves – if you have natural waves, better for you.

Visible Roots + highlights 


Some highlights are ideal for this Summer, but why don’t you show your roots like Gigi Hadid? She makes it perfect, don’t you think?

Slicked – back 


This is a perfect hairstyle for when your hair looks dirty thanks to the humidity. Smooth your hair back with gel. It’s a chic way to look like Kendall Jenner.

Mermaid Waves


Cara Delevinge is everywhere to inspire us. This time, her beautiful waves are perfect to show off the best of your feminine side.

For natural waves, smooth your wet hair and make two pigtail braids. When the hair is already dry, release them and you’ll have lovely waves.

Fluffed-out Curls


Sometimes the humidity is stronger than our hair. For those moments, think about Solange Knowles, if you have curls. For this “Free the Frizz look”, brush your curls until your hair look with the double volume.





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