Patricia – Welcome Summer

Nails, Summer body, clothes and more…


Happy Friday everyone!!! Summer has started, which means that it’s time to go the the beach (or pool) – In Venezuela, you can go any day of the year.

The most important thing is the sunscreen, remember that it’ll protect your skin from the UV Rays. I’m using  Anthelios 60 by La Roche-Posay.

Also, it’s time to show your body a little bit and wear your best clothes and makeup. Change your color hair if you want and make something different. It’s a new season and this weather makes everyone happy. So, let’s talk today about different things…

Spearmint Nails

Last week I used a Pep-Plum color by Sally Hansen and I loved it, so this week I started with a dark color, but I decided to change it for a spearmint because is a beautiful color and it’s one of my favourite colors for summer.


The nail polish that I used is from Ardene. In a previous post, I said that this polish is a disaster and the truth is that it’s really bad. But,  I have a technique that is perfect for when your favourite nail polish is old or when it’s not so good and you don’t want to throw it away: put in a nail polish two or three drops of acetone (nail polish remover), close it and shake it. Now the polish is better.

It looks amazing, don’t you think?

For a Summer body…

Ok ok… I’m very lazy and I don’t really like to work out. I don’t go to the gym and I love eating – a lot. But what I do when I feel I need to work out? Here is my secret:

1. Zumba. I do Zumba one day every two week. I’m doing it for free and If you can’t pay for zumba classes, you can find some videos on the Internet. I love Zumba, because it’s dancing and for me, it’s the best way to work out.

2. Abs in 4 minutes. For lazy people like me, this video is really good. This is a serie of abs in 4 minutes, it’s in Spanish but you don’t really need to know the language. You’ll get very good results.

3. Eat well, drink water and walk a lot. I think I don’t need to explain this, just do it.

IMG_2670[Venezuela – September, 2014]

H&M ♡ My Godfather, who is like my father here in Toronto and I love him so so much, gave me a new pair of shoes and a beautiful shirt from H&M. So, I created a look with it for any occasion this Summer.


Shorts: Forever 21

New article for Thai Narak

If you don’t know, I’m writing for a Thai blog called Thai Narak and for this month – June- I decided to do it about hair.

4 Fast and easy hairstyles with hair down:


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I hope you have fun this Summer and Happy Pride 2015.

Patricia Lugo


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