Nails – My favourite colors for Summer

Which are your favourite colors for this Summer?


Hello hello

It has past a few days since my last post and I’m sorry about that… I hope you had a fantastic Father’s Day yesterday… My dad is in Venezuela and I miss him so much.

These days the weather has been amazing in Toronto, very similar to my country and I love that … It just feels like Summer.

And talking about Summer… Today I wanted to talk about my favourite nail colors for this season.


This is not exactly my favourite color to dress, but orange is a perfect color because it looks fantastic in all skin tones and it’s very Summer. My mom used it last week and when I saw her nails via FaceTime, I fell in love with the color.


Navy Blue

Navy blue is my favourite color. It’s simply beautiful and it looks amazing with white clothes.



Not red, not pink… Simply cherry color.



The color of last Winter and Spring is still perfect for Summer.



I love this color because it’s a beach color (I love beach). Girly and pretty.


Forever Red

Doesn’t matter the season or the occasion, the red always will be the right color for day or night.



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