Nails – Pure Ice nail polish + Negative Space nail Art

Nail Art of the week



Hello hello

All Sundays I make my manicure, so I choose the color that I want to use and if I want something different or some neutral color.

The truth, I’m not so good painting my nails, not always my results are good and that’s what happened to me yesterday (and today).

First, I used a beautiful spearmint nail polish from Ardene. The first time that I used it looked amazing, but when I used it yesterday was a disaster and my nails looked fantastic from the distance. But today, the paint was cracked in all my nails.

IMG_0470(This pic is from yesterday)

Today, when I got home from school, I changed the color. I choose the Pure Ice nail polish #1063. I have used before this color and I really like it.

I decided for a negative space nail art – I’m very obsessed with this style – and I used two tip guides for make the separation between the part that I wanted paint with the part without color. These tip guides are French Polish Guides by Nailene, Designer collection. These are very good and helpful.


I didn’t make a really great job with this nail art, but i wanted to share it with you because it’s very easy to make and different.





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