Patricia – New Beauty products ♡



Hello everyone!!!

Finally it’s Friday, which means I don’t have classes today but I have to keep practicing my english.

Today I wanted to write about some new products that I’ve been using lately. I have them thanks to my friend Carlos Briceño, because he gave me these products – Gracias de nuevo Carlitos ♡


1. Frizzproof Argan Anti-Humidity Spray by AG Hair Cosmetics

This is a product to use over dry hair. You can use it before go out of home and it’s perfect for smooth hair. It avoids the frizz and let your hair shine.


More information here.

2. Thermal by Tresemmé 

This is a really great heat protector. I think it’s important have one and use it before drying or ironing your hair.


Picture from my new account on Instagram.

3. Mousse by Herbal Essences

This is one of the three mousse for curls that my friend gave me, but I wanted to try this first because I know about this brand.


I only tried once this product but the truth is that I didn’t let it makes its effect, but I searched some videos about how to use it and its result is fantastic. I hope try it again this weekend and make some waves with it, because make curls is a little difficult with my hair.

4. Sexy Candy Body Kiss by La Senza 

This is a shimmer fragrance mist and It smells really good for me.


I love sweet fragrances.

5. Hair removal cream by Nair Crème

I was excited about using this product, but it doesn’t work for me. However, it can work for some people and it’s easy to use. 


Apply over the hair that you want to remove and let it there for 6 minutes. Then remove the cream with a damp washcloth and rinse the area with warm water. It doesn’t need heat it. 


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