Patricia – Shoes, hair and Thai blog

What it’s happening lately!

Hello hello

I’ve been a little busy these last days, but I’m happy because now I can write again 🙂


Today I wanted to write about what I’ve been doing and other things.

Thai Narak

Thai Narak is a new web page in Thailand about beauty products and other things and now I’m collaborating on it as a blogger.

I made a side braid for my first post and I wanted to share it with you.




New flats

I used to wear flats when I lived in Venezuela and now I wear them again because is Spring 🙂 …  I love it.

 A few weeks ago I bought two flats in Ardene. I really like that store, because it has cute clothes, shoes and accessories.



Minions everywhere

I’m super happy because I helped two amazing friends on their baby girl’s first birthday. They are like family.

The birthday was about Minions (for girls) and everything resulted beautiful.



This is the first Candy Bar that my big sister and I make. What do you think about it?



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