How to cover your dark circles

Amazing tips to cover them


Dark circles are my biggest problem. I never find a way to totally cover them and I always need a concealer.

The good new is that I found different tips for girls with the same problem.

Choose the right color

As you might now, there are different colors of concealer and the color for you depend of your dark circle tone.

Blue dark circles: orange concealer.
Blue/Purple dark circles: mix an orange with a yellow concealer to create a salmon/peach concealer.
Purple dark circles:  yellow concealer

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 5.58.14 PM

Applying the concealer

It’s normal make mistakes at the moment of apply the concealer.

Create an upside-down triangle shape below the eyes to cover all the darkness and create a more natural look.


Red or orange lipstick?

Yes… And it’s a really great tip.

Put red lipstick over the dark circles and then apply the foundation. The result is fantastic!



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