Patricia – Makeup look for spring

A little of gold…


I have noticed how the clothes, makeup and hair change with the season. In winter, you can see a lot of black, white and gray… But now in spring and with the good weather, you can see how the women use more bold colors, even with the hair (I’ve seen girls with green, blue or pink hair) and that makes me feel like at home, because in Venezuela the weather is very warm, so the people dress like in summer every day of the year.

This week, the weather has been a little awful (again) and today I had to wear the big jacket again, but the important is that we are in spring and the weather will be really good again, so I’m just trying to enjoy this change of season.


I want to share with you this look from the last week, which I think is a good option for spring….

First, the waves, which I tried to use the last week and I talked a little bit of that in my last post; second, I used a golden tone on my eyes – it doesn’t look very well in the pics because the light is not good – with an amazing cherry color on my lips.

I hope you like it.



Patricia Lugo


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