5 common makeup mistakes

Are you making any makeup mistake?


We love makeup and play with shadows and colors, but the thing is that we make some mistakes – consciously or unconsciously – that we should avoid.

These are the makeup mistakes that you need stop making:

Not cleaning your makeup brushes


Why is it important? Because the dirty brushes will affect your makeup application and the colors will be confused between them.

How to clean your makeup brushes

Sleep with your makeup


This is a terrible mistake because makeup settles in your pores and stretched them out and this will make that you look older before time.

Applying concealer wrong


This is a very common mistake. Apply the concealer in a upside-down triangle shape below the eyes and you’ll see that it looks more natural.

Applying lip liner just to the edges


it’s an ugly mistake apply lip liner in the edges of the mouth, because it just looks like an unflattering ring around of it.

Keeping makeup for a long time


Yes! Makeup expires and this is the reason why you should have to be careful if you have been using the same makeup for more than two years.


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