Patricia – Hello Spring ♡

Let’s celebrate the good weather 


Hello hello

Finally it feels like spring in Toronto, so I can stop wearing the big winter jackets and that makes me feel very happy.


For today, I wanted to write about my spring inspirations of the week… I hope you like it.

New nail polishes

I was crazy about buy a spearmint nail polish and finally I have it with other two amazing colors.

These three are from Ardene and I love them…

FullSizeRender (5)

My Nail Art of the week


Hello wavy hair

When I was in Venezuela, I had long hair and with the warm weather, I didn’t have necessity to dry my hair all the time, so for me was very easy let my natural waves came out and only dry my fringe. But with the cold of winter in Toronto, dry and iron my hair have been something necessary.

These week, I tried to make some waves with my hair iron and this was the result:


I have tried before with my long hair and I like it, but it always happens that the waves don’t last to much time.

Brightness for spring

I don’t usually wear eyeshadows, but this week I wanted to try on me something new and get out a little bit of my comfort zone with some shine, but very simple.





Eyeshadows: Fantasy Makers by Wet n Wild

Lipstick: Revlon colorburst matte balm #220


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