The best products for your eyebrows

What you need for a perfect brows 


The eyebrows are now something essential in our daily makeup, they have to be perfect for a shocking look.

For these perfect brows, you’ll need some of these amazing products:

Clear Brow Waxes pencil

The clear waxes pencil is perfect for grooming and taming the brows. Use this product before adding color or after as a finishing touch.




Brow gel

The idea of the brow gel is to keep the hair of the brows in place. It’s similar to a lash mascara and it comes transparent or in color.



Brow markers 

The eyebrow marker is less pigmented than the pencil. It’s similar to a liquid liner and it leaves a natural and durable finish.


Brow pencils

The pencil is perfect for your brows when you don’t have enough hair and for change or get better the shape of the eyebrows.



Brow powders

Some girls don’t like use brow powder, because it’s not easy work with it, but it can make your brows look incredibles.


Brow creams 

The brow creams are the most pigmented and they can last 24 hours.



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