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Hello Hello…

April is here and I think the time has been passing very fast. Tomorrow, I’ll have 6 months in Toronto and it has been an incredible time, even with the cold weather.

This week, I wanted to try some nice things on me and show you the results. Also, there is a really good beauty app that I want to tell you about. I hope you like it.

My Nail Art of the week 

I have always liked dark colors on my nails, but this week I chose a light color with a dark one and add a little of glitter.

Purple + Beige + Glitter: 


I really like the way my hand looks with this colors in the picture and more with these bracelets.

Note: You can try this nail art. It’s very easy and you can do it with other colors.

Hello Top Knot! 

I love the top knot, but I feel very strange with it. In Venezuela, it’s very weird to see girls with this hairstyle, but here in Toronto is a little bit more common.

I have used the top knot a few times and this week I tried it again with a donut for hair and this is the way I look with it:

FullSizeRender (5)


Note: I think this hairstyle is not for short hair.

My painted brows!

I had time trying to paint my brows and I hadn’t gotten any result until this week… It’s all about practice!

Finally, I could do it – of course not perfectly – but I think they look better like this.


Note: I didn’t use a brow liner, I have to buy a good one. If you are trying to do the same, have patience and practice a lot.

Beauty App

This week I discovered a good beauty app called “Makeupsocial”.

When you create your account, you’ll have to select some options about your hair, skin and eyes, and then, you’ll be able to add pictures and see other profiles. You can find there too some reviews of beauty products and make questions.




Note: It’s a good option to promote your blog and it’s for free

Patricia Lugo


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