Patricia – 5 beauty products that I love

Some of my favourite beauty things 


Hi girls…
Finally is Friday and today I wanted to write about the beauty products that i love. Almost all of them are very easy to find here in Toronto and USA and are very essentials in my beauty routine.

I hope you like some of these products too.

Body lotions
After my first winter in Toronto, the body lotions started to be something important for my skin.
My favourite brand is Bath & Body Works. Their body lotions smell very well, have shea and vitamin E and are accessible ($).
FullSizeRender (2)
Nail polishes
The Venezuelan women are very careful with their hands, so for me is very important have my nails in perfect conditions.My favourite brand is Valmy from Venezuela, so it doesn’t exist in other countries, but I brought with me a few. I like other brands too like Revlon or Rimmel London.
FullSizeRender (4)
Thanks God I have large lashes, so I love use the mascara to make them look thicker and larger. Right now i’m using Scandal Eyes by Rimmel London and I love it, but i have always liked the Maybelline mascaras.
Lip Balm
My lips are always dry and that’s the reason why I love lip balms. Now i’m using eos and i love it.
Purifying foaming gel
There is nothing more important for me that have my face very clean and more when my skin is oily. The product that i’m using right now is Effaclar by LA ROCHE-POSAY and i’m very happy with it.
Patricia Lugo

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