Lipstick colors for your skin tone

Red, pink or orange… Which is the perfect color for you?


The color in your lips is everything for a perfect makeup and not all the colors look great in all the skin tones.

The red is the only color that looks amazing in all girls no matter the skin tone, but remember, be careful with the eyeshadows that you use.

Fair skin tone

Light pink, light peach, beige and golden brown


Medium skin tone

Medium pink, red, orangey peach and apricot


Olive skin tone

Dark rose, dark red, berry and dark apricot


Dark skin tone

Brownish red, dark fuchsia, dark berry and golden beige 



2 thoughts on “Lipstick colors for your skin tone

    • Yes, sometimes can be a little complicated but you just have to find the correct lip shade, because not all the lighter lip shades will look good on you… And of course, all types of red will look very well on you, but avoid the orange and the purple because will make you look pale!!


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