What you need in your makeup bag

The essential things you need 


If you aren’t sure about what you need in your makeup bag, don’t worry… Here i have for you a list of the things you need.

Concealer cream
The concealer cream will help you to cover the dark circles, the imperfections and the tiredness. Remember that it has to be a little lighter than your color skin.


The Foundation
The foundation will make your face look perfect from morning to night. Choose one of the same color of your skin.


Choose one for your type of skin. It’s one of the most basic things that you need in your bag.


Lipsticks and gloss
You can have different colors of lipsticks and gloss.


Choose a black eyeliner. It’s better if is waterproof.

lasting lashes

Like the eyeliner, it has to be black and waterproof.


It’s perfect for give life to your face.


Brow pencil
If you want to look amazing, a brow pencil inside your bag will be perfect to define your brows.


Neutral eyeshadow palette
This is something basic that you need in your makeup bag. Choose one between 4 to 10 different colors.


Other things
Other important things that you can have in your makeup bag are the brushes – different sizes because each one have different functions -, an eyelash curler and a lip balm to hydrate your lips.


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