Types of Lipsticks… Which one do you prefer?

Choose your favourite type of lipstick, your favourite color and make shine your lips


I love lipsticks because they can make look gorgeous to any girl and because they are soft and easy to apply.

There are different kind of lipsticks that you can choose in the market, but which one do you prefer?

Mate lipsticks
The mate lipstick can last longer than any gloss and it has a high color pigment content, but can make your lips look dry, so the best is exfoliate them before use this lipstick.


Creamy lipsticks
It is the most popular. This lipstick is more creamy and shining than the mate lipstick, but is softer. It can hydrate your lips but it won’t last like the mate lipstick.


Liquid with color 
The liquid lipstick has more shine than the creamy one, but the negative part is that it won’t last, so you have to apply it on your lips constantly.


The Gloss
The gloss give color and brightness but in a transparent way. It’s perfect for the girls who don’t want to use a lot of makeup, but it won’t last. A good tip is use it over your mate lipstick.



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